Nutribullet Pro 900

Nutribullet Pro 900 – Perfect Blender for Yummy Smoothies

Nutribullet Pro 900 series blender mixer system. It has 900-watt motor and one speed. There are no buttons or settings. You only need push down the cup to start blending. The unit comes with 15 pieces, the base 2 blades, one oversized cup, two tall cups with one handled lip ring, one regular ring, one short cup, one flip up to go lid, two resealable lids, a pocket of nutritionist, a user guide, and a recipe book, and a hardcover book with recipes.

The plastic is BPA free. The maximum capacity is 4 for the oversized cup. The parts are dishwasher-safe on the top rack except for the blades that should be hand wash and warm not hot soapy water. It’s best to rinse out the parts just put a hot soapy water as soon as after making your smoothie. It will save a lot of time & prevents stuff on messes. The unit is almost 15 inches tall with the oversized cups. It is very compact and should not take up much of spaces in your kitchen.

I tested the Nutribullet by making three different drinks. First, I make green smoothie with kale ginger and carrots. The result is the smoothie perfectly smooth, all the kale and ginger and carrots have been completely processed. While the taste, of course good and it gives you a good spicy of ginger. It takes literally ten seconds to rinse out the cup and blade after you make your smoothie. You surely don’t need to bother with the dishwasher.

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Next, I made a mango lassi with frozen mango, checks put the chunks in the cup, some yogurt, some sugar, and some water. Put the blade on, press down, and twist. After you twist about 1-2 minutes, untwist and remove the pressure that builds up makes the container a little difficult to open. The thickness of the lassi mango depends on the way you add the water. You can make it the consistency of sorbet or an ice cream by using less water. When I taste it, it’s smooth, creamy, and refreshing. This is a great alternative fattening ice creams and other desserts.

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Last, I made a vanilla frozen coffee which is my favorite. First, add some ice cubes then pour the strong coffee. I brewed strong coffee and I mixed it with half-and-half sugar and vanilla extract. The coffee is cold, don’t put any hot or carbonated liquids in the unit. Twist it about 1 minute, don’t more than it. After that, untwist and pour to the glass. All the ice is perfect processed. I love this especially when I drink on a hot day. This drink is perfect to you. It is better than what you buy at the coffee shop because you know what you put on in there. It’s cold smooth and creamy.

The Nutribullet Pro did an excellent job of processing everything that I throw in it the fiber of kale and ginger were pureed well. The nutribullet is not a replacement for a stand of blender considering the max capacity is 4 cups. It’s best for you who make a lot of daily smoothies (including myself) and it will help you make a healthier smoothie because you can have it right on the countertop. You can’t make a large amount in the oversized cup and pour it into the two smaller cups. It’s very fast and simple to use cleanup takes just a few seconds. All you do is rinse out the cup and blade. It’s a handy value for somebody who’s starting a healthier lifestyle and is going to be drinking a lot of smoothies.

I hope you find this review helpful. This blender is one of Best Blender Under $100. It’s perfect for you who’s economic and don’t want to spend much money.